Valet Reminder

Posted By on August 2, 2016

In an effort to provide excellent service for all residents in the community, we would appreciate your assistance by calling the Front Desk or texting Zingle at 310-245-7763 for your, or your guest’s vehicle, at least 15 minutes before it is needed, and we will be sure to have it in the driveway waiting for you. Please keep in mind, if you do text for your car, to make sure to include your unit #, which car you need and to wait until you receive a confirmation back from Zingle.

Unfortunately, driveway space is limited, so please know that typically we can only keep vehicles in the driveway for up to 15 minutes.  If your vehicle has not been moved, we may have to return it to the garage in order to make room for additional vehicles.

These general time limits also apply when you are returning home and would like to keep your vehicle in the driveway.  If you anticipate being longer than 15 minutes, or you have asked for your vehicle to be left in the driveway and more that 15 minutes have passed, the valet team will park your vehicle in the garage.  At which time, please call the front desk when you are ready to leave, and we will promptly bring up your vehicle.

Thank you for helping us provide everyone in the community with excellent service by being mindful of the limited space we have in the driveway.

Thank you for your cooperation!


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