Welcome to the Carlyle! (Old)

The Carlyle Resident Library

The Resident Library is starting to come together as there have already been a few donations of books and magazines to share with neighbors!

Remember…..all you have to do is notify management that you have some books you would like to contribute to the library, and we will take care of the rest.

Happy Reading! 

Wishing the Carlyle residents a very happy and healthy year ahead!

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Holidays are just around the corner……

With the holidays just around the corner, we are reminded that this time of year is ALWAYS busy with resident parties and events. As a reminder, please give ample notice when reserving any event space.  

When reserving a space on-site for your event:

  • Please reach out to rdavid@actionlife.com with a completed Recreational Facilities Agreement, along with your holiday party plans so we can ensure the space is properly reserved for you.
  • Please have an accurate count of how many cars we will be parking for your event.  If there are more than 5 cars, we will need to plan for additional staffing which may include an outside valet company to assist us and/or require off-site parking at an additional charge.
  • Please notify us if there are special arrangements relating to delivery or pick up of items for any vendor
  • Please keep in mind that we are unable to move the furniture outside of the Club Room for an event.  If necessary, we can move the furniture up against the wall to make more room. 



Days of Service: Wednesday and Thursday every week (to ensure your car is washed, you will need to have it back in the building by 11pm)

How to Schedule Service: Contact front desk and let them know which car you would like to have washed, which day (Wednesday or Thursday), and if it’s a one-time wash or you want to have it cleaned once a week or bi-weekly, etc.

Different Cleaning Services:  Let the front desk know which service you want to schedule.  Please see below for different options.

Basic Car Wash- $25 (sedan) $30 (mid-size SUV) $35 (large SUV)

Express Wax- $50 (sedan) $55 (mid-size SUV) $60 (large SUV)

    Interior Detail- $120 (sedan) $125 (mid-size SUV) $130 (large SUV)

      Full Detail- $200 (sedan) $210 (mid-size SUV) $230 (large SUV)

 *other cleaning services available upon request

Current Facial Mask Mandate for The Carlyle:

The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health has issued an order based on the increase in transmission of COVID-19.

Starting Saturday, 7/17/21, at 11:59pm, face masks are required to be worn by all persons, regardless of vaccination status, while in all indoor public settings and businesses.

 If you are in need of additional face masks, please inform the front desk or management, and we will assist in delivering PPE items to you.

 For more information, please use the link below to see the public health order.


Frequently Asked Questions about Cloth Face Coverings - santamonica.gov -  City of Santa Monica 

The Carlyle Lobby/Ground Level Common Areas Have A Brand New Look!

Spring is in the air at The Carlyle.  Take a walk around the property and you will notice some changes in the landscape!


Don’t want to leave the house due to COVID-19? We have you covered!

California Valet Parking is providing a service for Carlyle residents in which they will provide drivers who will go to the store to run any errands or shopping that you may need.  This service is being offered in order to help residents who may want to avoid going to a public place.  (All transactions are directly between the resident and California Valet Parking.)

How it Works

  1. To use this service, please call or text Gil @ 310-883-5486. 
  2. You will provide a credit card to Gil for the transaction.  The rate is $35/hr for the total duration of the assignment plus the cost of the groceries and a 10% service charge.
  3. You will then text the item list, and the driver will do their best to retrieve those items.  (There may be items that are out of stock, unfortunately.)
  4.  Gil will then assign a driver to go shopping for you.  **Please note, this is NOT an official delivery company, this is simply a service we are asking to be provided in order to help in these challenging times.**

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MEETING DATE: April 29th, 2020 at 5:30PM

LOCATION:        The Carlyle Residences – The Salon



  • To announce the new Board of Directors: Two Directors will be elected for terms of two years.
  • To determine the allocation of any excess operating funds at the end of the current fiscal year.


Join Your Neighbors In Celebrating The Holiday Season!

Newly Improved Fitness Center

If you haven’t been down to the fitness center in a while for a workout, then now is the time! Our fitness center recently received a big upgrade when 8 new state of the art cardio machines were installed. From Woodway treadmills to the highly sought after Peloton bike, now is a great time to be working on your fitness!


Summer is just around the corner…...


This Wednesday, April 10th, we will be having all new flowers installed in the front drive.  We hope you all enjoy the fresh, new look!



LOCATION: The Carlyle Residences – Salon Room at 5:30pm 

  • The Board of Directors will appoint officers for the term beginning March 28th 2018 for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Member at Large.
  • Directly Following will be the Town Hall Meeting



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